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By Ryan Fratzke on

7 out of 10 items in grocery stores contain ingredients that have been genetically modified or chemically infested.

While fruit and vegetables don't come with nutrition labels, they do come with price look-up (PLU) codes, and this little sticker will tell you exactly what you are putting in your body… whether the fruit was organically grown, genetically modified or produced with chemical fertilizers.

A 4 digit code beginning with 3 or 4: produce was sprayed with weed killers and chemical pesticides

A 5 digit code beginning with 8: produce was genetically engineered (the fruit's genes were manipulated to produce larger or brighter colored fruit)

A 5 digit code beginning with 9: produce was raised organically and free of genetic modification or chemically treated

Before you purchase that next apple, carrot or kale, look for the number 9 to ensure you are truly nourishing your body free of chemicals and genetic modifications.

Here is a cheat sheet of produce you MUST buy organic: The "Dirty Dozen".

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Author: Ryan Fratzke


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