Good For Nature


“Aloha aina” means to love, to nurture, and to care for the land. As Hawaiians, we are reverent of nature’s gifts and seek to preserve the natural beauty of the land, sea, and sky through our sustainability and recycling practices. That’s living aloha aina.


Respecting Nature’s Gift of Food

The Hawaiian culture is largely based around love and appreciation for the natural resources the islands provide. It is our mission to incorporate the same respect and passion into our products by using locally sourced products and harvesting to preserve the natural environment.


Practicing Sustainability

At Royal Hawaiian, we show our respect for the land and Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem by practicing sustainable agriculture. We conserve water by relying almost exclusively on rainfall for irrigation. We’ve rejuvenated hundreds of acres and plan to rejuvenate hundreds more. Giving back to nature is the Royal Hawaiian way.


Turning Waste Into Fuel

We recycle and reuse almost every part of the nut to fuel our next batch of home-grown macadamias. The hulls of the nuts are composted to nourish the soil and fertilize the rest of our orchards. Used macadamia nut shells are burned as an energy source to power our facilities. Our macadamia nuts are a gift from nature that never stop giving.

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Did you know that reducing stress can add years to your life? Slow down and breathe. You are what you eat! Keep your body pure by avoiding preservatives & artificial ingredients. Our orchards sit over a bed of lava rock. We think it makes our macadamias extra tasty. Did you know that there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet? We recycle all the by-products during harvesting. We even use macadamia hulls as fertilizer! Did you know that all of the fruit used in our products is sustainably sourced? Leave your wetsuit at home - the average water temperature in Hawaii is 74⁰ F (23.3 C). Surfing was once known as the “sport of kings” and reserved for Hawaiian royalty (alii). Our macadamia trees grow for 14 years before blossoming and bearing nuts. Did you know that macadamias are not actually native to the Hawaiian islands? Royal Hawaiian has rejuvenated hundreds of acres and plans to rejuvenate hundreds more! A ton of dried macadamia nut shells has the same energy output as a barrel of oil! Only 30 miles from our home in Hilo, Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. With a base 19,704 ft underwater, Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest mountain at 33,500 ft!
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