Our Orchards


Macadamias from the Royal Hawaiian Orchards have been locally grown and cultivated in Hilo, Hawaii for over 60 years. Grown and nurtured in land rich with lava rock from local volcanoes, these tasty gifts from nature are now a gift to you.



Macadamia cultivars selected for our rich Hawaiian volcanic soils and tropical environment have grown in our orchards since the original trees were planted in 1948. Additional plantings continued through the early 1980’s to meet the ever-growing desire for our favorite nut. The trees thrive in the tropical rains and absorb the minerals from our fertile soils to give the nuts a unique flavor and quality.


After planting the macadamia cultivars, 5 years pass before the first savory nut is harvested, and it takes another 10 to 16 years for the trees to bear at optimum production. Honey bees are introduced to pollinate any number of the 200 to 300 blossoms on each macadamia raceme. During this process, the bees harvest the pollen and nectar from the blossoms to produce a delectable honey and more bees.


Seven months after pollination, the mature macadamia nut is harvested to preserve its flavor. After harvest, the outer husk is removed and the in-shell nut is dried prior to being cracked. Approximately 300 pounds per square inch of pressure is required to crack the thick shell that covers the kernel. The kernels are roasted and clustered with savory and sweet ingredients to create a delicious, wholesome treat just for you.


We recycle all leftover parts of the macadamia nut into fertile compost or energy. After harvest, the macadamia husks are composted and later used to grow new macadamia trees, and to plant and fertilize trees. The shells collected after the nuts are cracked are used to produce heat to dry more macadamia nuts and produce electricity. Our 523 thousand trees recycle 104+ thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually in the process of producing the wholesome macadamia kernels.

60 Years of Growing Experience

The Royal Hawaiian story began when the first commercial macadamia trees were planted in 1948 in the lush and fertile volcanic soils on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our experience and expertise with growing the Hawaiian macadamia in the pristine tropical environment is dedicated to producing a delectable nut that is savored by many. The varieties of macadamia nuts grown are ideal for our environment, which we protect to ensure sustainable production for the future. Straight from our beautiful orchards in Hilo, it’s now your turn to enjoy the sweet, wholesome goodness of Royal Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

Who We Are

Did you know that reducing stress can add years to your life? Slow down and breathe. You are what you eat! Keep your body pure by avoiding preservatives & artificial ingredients. Our orchards sit over a bed of lava rock. We think it makes our macadamias extra tasty. Did you know that there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet? We recycle all the by-products during harvesting. We even use macadamia hulls as fertilizer! Did you know that all of the fruit used in our products is sustainably sourced? Leave your wetsuit at home - the average water temperature in Hawaii is 74⁰ F (23.3 C). Surfing was once known as the “sport of kings” and reserved for Hawaiian royalty (alii). Our macadamia trees grow for 14 years before blossoming and bearing nuts. Did you know that macadamias are not actually native to the Hawaiian islands? Royal Hawaiian has rejuvenated hundreds of acres and plans to rejuvenate hundreds more! A ton of dried macadamia nut shells has the same energy output as a barrel of oil! Only 30 miles from our home in Hilo, Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. With a base 19,704 ft underwater, Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest mountain at 33,500 ft!

The Royal Hawaiian story spans decades of macadamia growing, beginning in 1948 with the founding of the Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Company. Though our look has evolved over the years (this can dates back to the late 1960s!), our dedication to health, wellness, and “living Aloha” live on to this day.

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