Weight Management

Weight Management

It may be surprising that in a handful of macadamia nuts about 190 of the 200 calories that they provide may actually be beneficial for weight management. In fact, research suggests that macadamia nuts may actually help you lose weight. This may be possible as our body does require a certain level of fat to function properly, which is why low-fat diets can lead to cravings for high-fat foods and result in high-calorie binges. Also, because fat satiates hunger, low-fat diets often leave you feeling hungry so that you may actually consume more calories, which causes your body to store these extra calories as fat.

Researchers believe that macadamia nuts provide the right balance of fat, fiber, and protein to make you feel satiated or full and satisfied, reducing your desire to eat more. In a 2004 study, participants who ate macadamia nuts in place of a serving of bread actually lost weight.

On-going research will continue to determine the connection between macadamia nuts and weight management, however it appears likely that by replacing “bad” fats with the good monounsaturated fats, you’re less likely to gain weight and in turn lose it!



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